ExtraVirgin Podcast Episode 18 – Travelling Solo, with Ben Groundwater

LISTEN HEREBen Groundwater TimbuctouNo one to travel with but you really, really want to do it? This episode of ExtraVirgin may just provide that little push you need to get you going.

Ben Groundwater, award-winning travel writer, Age and Sydney Morning Herald columnist, travel podcaster and author of Go Your Own Way: Hacks, Tips and Tricks to Travel the World Solo, has been travelling and writing for publications worldwide for the last 12 years and estimates he’s visited “around 80 or 90” countries. Often, those trips have been made on his own.

We chat with Ben (who recently relocated from Sydney to Spain’s San Sebastián) about:

  • The pleasure and possible pain points of travelling on your own.
  • His most and least favourite destinations
  • Great solo itineraries
  • How to stay safe, avoid scams and make friends

If you’d like to follow Ben’s adventures, you’ll find him on insta as @bengroundwater


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