ExtraVirgin Podcast Epsiode 22 – Australia’s best known restaurant critic, John Lethlean



John Lethlean is Australia’s best known (and some would say, most feared) food critic. He’s been writing about food in publications such as ‘delicious’, The Age, Gourmet Traveller and more for over 20 years. Currently his reviews appear in The Weekend Australian Magazine. He also MCs,  speaks on on radio and food panels and collates The Australian’s annual Hot 50 Restaurants. 

He’s been called “fearless and fair” as well as many less complimentary names by restaurateurs and chefs, including TV chef Manu Feildel who blamed the closure of his restaurant Le Grand Cirque on Lethlean. 

In thJohnL1is episode of ExtraVirgin, among other topics, we discuss how John chooses who to review and how he avoids being recognized, the ethics and responsibilities of a restaurant critic, John’s restaurant ‘take downs’ and how restaurants react to a less than favourable review. We also talk about John’s restaurant bugbears, how he thinks Australian restaurants can solve their service issues and find out what his considers to be his least and most memorable meals. 



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